Well I want to make one thing clear that I believe that time is very valuable and the service charge that I charge is not negotiable and if you still feel like barging than please don’t call sir else free to call and setup appointment.


1) So for a relaxed 2 hours it will be Rs. 20,000 (Twenty Thousand Indian Rupees) and we can have a memorable time and can explore each other with no hurry.


2) Double pleasure and double the time. I know you will want me more and more and just once is not enough for you. We can have a extended time together (up to 4 hours) and you can have double the pleasure when you have relaxed a bit. It will be Rs. 35,000 (Thirty five Thousand Indian Rupees)


3) FULL NIGHT CHARGES Rs 50,000 (Fifty Thousand Indian Rupees) the one that you will remember for the rest of your life with this Female Escorts in Bangalore.

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